Manifesters! A Break From Our Usually Scheduled Programming

Hello Beautiful!

It’s almost time for the Let That ShXT Go, Reclaim Your Life and Thrive Challenge!

If you’re registered, YAYYYY! and you can stop reading now. 

If you’re not, Hmmmm. Maybe you’ve already manifested the life you want, maybe you’re busy, or maybe you don’t know what it’s all about, so I’m going to explain everything LIVE on my Facebook page tomorrow.

Ready to jump in the challenge NOW? YAYYYYYYY!!! I LOVE a decisive midlifer! Click here

The run up to THE LET THAT SHXT GO CHALLENGE has been fantastic! I’ve been getting tons of responses and I love the emails and messages that I’ve been receiving as well as the comments on my social pages.

Excitement is good, but PREPARATION is better.

We are kicking off  with a PRE-CHALLENGE Facebook LIVE that will take place on my Facebook Business Page and in the Midlife Manifest group. Please join me tomorrow, Saturday October 27 at 8am US Central/9am US Eastern to ensure that you are equipped, your mindset is right, and that you’re focused on what the Challenge 5 days will manifest in your life. Because if you show up on purpose, YOU WILL CHANGE and your life WILL TRANSFORM.


Even if you don’t feel ready right now, I will whip you into shape on tomorrow’s live call. We are going to make sure that you have everything that you need to start on Monday.

You will know exactly what we will cover during the 5 days and the exact steps to take to create the life you’re craving. NOW.

How cool is that!

We are going to witness breakthroughs in your manifesting mindset.

Breakthroughs in the way that you run your life.

Breakthroughs that will totally flip your ‘I’m stuck in being low on my priority list’ script.

Breakthroughs that will set you on the path to bringing passion projects to life and creating a legacy that represents the fullness of who you are.

So remember to click the link below to like my business page, then click on SEE FIRST so that you do not miss when I’m going to be live every day of the Challenge.

I’ll see you tomorrow at 7am US CST / 8am US EST for our bonus Facebook live right here,