Midlife Manifest Fifties Wisdom Week 9: Hope Ain’t Change

Hello Beautiful!

Earlier this year, a client in my Let That ShXt Go! program, set a goal to run the New York Marathon. She wasn’t sure if she could get back in shape and stick to the prep. What she came to realize through doing the coaching work is that while it would be hard, the only reason it couldn’t happen would be because of the woman she saw in the mirror saying no to herself…to her dream. And where is she today? Running that marathon!! YASSSSS!!

Part of my story is celebrating turning fifty for eighteen months. Yes. I. Did. And in grand style! I’d set fifty as my ‘have it all together or it’s over’ marker. Wrong! It was the beginning of my coming into own, not the end. It’s been nine years of shedding shxt and learning to walk FULLY and FABULOUSLY in my Purpose and Passion.

“You got big dreams. You want fame. Well, fame costs. And right here’s where you start payin’!” (Lydia in Fame)

I love this line from the classic movie and not because I want fame, but because it speaks to being ALL in on your own behalf. And because…

  • helping women manifest their dreams is my dream come true…
  • I know you’ve been paying the cost and now it’s your time to reap…
  • Yes it’s work, but you’re not afraid of work, you’re afraid of change.

From the huge response, last week’s Let That ShXt Go, Reclaim Your Life and Thrive Challenge touched your last good nerve. Smart women are saying ENOUGH! to suppressing their shxt and are getting on my calendar to talk about joining The Midlife Sistermind to address it …once and for all. Six months of ‘reclaim your life and live it’ coaching PLUS your transformation celebration in Portugal! See details here

(the gorgeous floating umbrellas in Portugal)

What I hoped for my fifties turned out very differently than my expectation. Instead of a destination, it’s become this marvelous journey of growth and unforgettable experiences, and bringing other women along with me has been epic. Absolutely ‘worth the work’ change! So, whether it’s a marathon, a passion project, travel…starting whatever your new thing is, stop hoping for your change and get about living it!


Can’t wait to hear from you!



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