Midlife Manifest Fifties Wisdom Week 11: Gas & Gratitude

Hello Beautiful!

Have you ever gotten lost…totally discombobulated in your own city? It happened to me recently on my way home from a funeral. WiFi service was spotty, my GPS was in and out, and my plan to re-track my route by memory soon went awry. A turn down the wrong side of a street, a shut down road, and a stalled train had me feeling like I was in a maze I’d never exit. Eventually, I figured it out and made it home, but the oddest part of that experience was my GPS taking me to a Chevron gas station in the midst of that krazy. I have no idea how Chevron was entered because I typed a restaurant name (Taste of Thailand) which couldn’t have auto-corrected to ‘Chevron’??

But since I’m huge believer in messaging, I wasn’t ignoring this one.

Fully stepping into your purpose is almost indescribably wonderful! And enlightening. Pouring 30+ years of knowledge, creativity, and experience into my signature sistermind has been a dream-come-true. I talk to so many midlife women who after years of being a high achiever…wearing the mask to earn the great retirement package or savings account, are clueless about passion. They don’t know who they are, let alone, what they want. I remember working hard as hell on things I didn’t care much about and let me tell you, working hard doing what represents your authentic self is soooo much betta! A few things I’ve learned:

  • There are all kinds of ways to be lost. I work with women who feel lost in who they are and who they want to be. I was one of those women until I learned the power in being fully connected to your inner GPS then following it and that’s why helping women learn the same is my fuel.
  • There’s honoring what fuels you and needing fuel to continue. I took my unexpected arrival at a Chevron as a validation for my path AND a reminder that even when you’re doing what you love, you need to refuel. I had been burning both ends the past few weeks.
  • When I was growing up, gas stations were places in the community that you could stop for directions. Whatever your big dream or passion, there’s a community out there to prevent stalls and detours. Invest in the help you need. It’s so worth the time (and headaches) you save.

This week we celebrate Thanksgiving in America. EVERYday, there are reasons to be GRATEFUL. I appreciate each and every one of you who follow me, take your precious time to read my blogs and posts, and invest in yourself through my services. Thank you!!

My biggest hope for you is that you take some self-reflection time before the end of the year to Let Your ShXT Go, decide what kind of life you want to be living, then do whatever it takes to…

Get. That. Life.


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