Midlife Manifest Fifties Wisdom Week 12: The Upside of Quitting

Hello Beautiful!

I’m on a year-long celebratory trek to 60 and sharing the fifties wisdom I’ve gained. This week marks the sixth anniversary of ditching my golden corporate handcuffs and manifesting an amazing life that at the time, I couldn’t fully envision. I only knew there was more for me to do and be and I had to push through fear of the unknown to claim it.

I have not one millisecond of regret.

It’s been a revelatory six years! Shedding the layers of years of conformity to a boxed way of living that became harder and harder to maintain wasn’t easy. It was necessary. Life-saving and life-affirming. I now walk in my purpose and passion of helping women live in theirs.

It’s true: where’s there’s a will and commitment, there’s a way.

My biggest lesson: Stop trying to figure out stuff alone. There’s no glory in unnecessary grind. Let THAT shxt go! Now, I honestly assess my gap and my ability to close it.  If my closing it isn’t my lane or costs me too much time, I hire the best person to help me close it. It saves stress and time and NOTHING is more valuable to me than my time except my faith.

To note my ‘reclaim my life’ anniversary, I’m re-sharing my first blog, The Upside of Quitting. Click here to read it.

We’re in the accumulation season. Enjoy! And prioritize. Who, What, and Where do you want to be this time next year? Is shopping or shifting your higher priority? Just a little post-Thanksgiving food for thought.

Get Your Life.

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