Midlife Manifest Fifties Wisdom Week 13: Becoming

I was blessed to be in the audience for (my forever) First Lady Michelle Obama’s  Brooklyn stop on her Becoming book tour. If you admire her, I don’t have to tell you how incredibly amazing she is in all aspects of womanhood and as a human being. If you don’t then we probably have very little in common.

My biggest takeaways from her talk and her book:

  • Yes! I Am Becoming…for as long as I choose to be. There’s no age limit on growth, change, and manifesting what I want.
  • I define me. I don’t live under the weight of other people’s limitations.
  • A requirement of living my best life is having ride-or-die girlfriends.

Her message is very validating for the way I CHOOSE to live my life. If part or all of above is aspirational for you, then you may need a life coach. I say ‘may’ because coaching…at least MY coaching…is for women Ready to Act on their aspirations. 

Through everything challenge, road block, and underestimation…

She persisted.

So do I. So can you.

It’s a decision.

Get Your Life.

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