Midlife Manifest Fifties Wisdom Week 14: Ah-mazing Can Be Your Normal Too!

Hello Beautiful!

In my quest to share what I’ve learned during these nine years of fifties, I’m realizing that I use the word ‘amazing’ frequently. I’m blessedly in a continuous loop of experiences that are worthy of that term.

a·maz·ing, adjective: causing great surprise or sudden wonder.

As I’ve stated before, turning 50 was about arriving at a destination that would put me on a ‘rest of my life’ easy street. NOPE!

Instead, expecting my fifties to be amazing me led me on a journey of  choices and decisions that manifested that reality…the best kind of self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Not magic. Not luck. Choices. I’m ALL IN invested in living an Ah-mazing life! What does this investment mindset manifest?

Letting ShXt Go!: Nothing can come in to a blocked, clogged space. I continuously purge what no longer serves me from my physical and head spaces to stay aware and open to receiving what does.

Laughter: Healthy laughter is a proven life extender. Most of my laughter comes not from comedians, but from small and big experience moments with people I love…deep belly-aching laughter. 

Love: My faith in God and Christ, Myself, My man, my family, my friends, my work…I have no obligated relationships. Blood doesn’t give you permission to hijack my life. I invest the time to keep my relationships deep and strong and the dollars to keep my business successful and highly impactful (I hire coaches too!).

Live: Living well for me encompasses consistently investing in above and in my physical health. Regular checkups and a ‘keep this body moving’ commitment. A heart condition, mini-stroke, torn meniscus in both knees, ankle swelling, and fibromyalgia are not excuses for me to cave to inertia. They’re reasons for me to eat and move for life! And because I know and own who I am, I invest in accountability by hiring a personal trainer and taking the (dance, barre, yoga,etc.) classes.

Legacy: The work I do changes lives…for the better. I choose to own and use my gifts for coaching and teaching to show women how to leverage and maximize their gifts for a life of freedom, passion, and higher level contribution. I want my nieces to see the full possibility of their lives through the way I live mine. And though my circle may be relatively small in this big ole world, I want my footprint to be large in it!

Yes, my life is Ah-mazing because I purpose it to be.

You can do the same. Check your investment mindset. Invest in your Ah-mazing.

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