Midlife Manifest Fifties Wisdom Week One: Celebrate Early…Celebrate Often

Hello Beautiful!

I read two devotions today, one on going BIG and one on receiving and sharing wisdom.

Right. On. Time.

If you follow me, you know I’m in the midst of celebrating the last year of my fifties and the approach of my sixties and I’m going out (and in) BIG:

Sharing my wisdom and zone of genius by launching my biggest coaching program to date, The Midlife Manifest, a SisterMasterMind that will give Be About It women a concierge, coach-on-call experience that results in their successfully bringing suppressed or deferred dreams and goals to fruition…

Honoring the temple God blessed me with through an elevated commitment to moving my body and feeding it power foods 80% of the time. This includes a BIG challenge to walk The El Camino

Expanding my horizons through a plan to live in Europe for 3-6 months that includes an epic girlfriend trip to Josephine Baker’s French chateau and her home in Morocco…

Deeper connection to my faith, husband, family, friends, and clients.

And I’m receiving wisdom. I hired a business coach who’s helping me expand my platform to serve even more women. I stopped rationalizing my dislike of exercise and hired a personal trainer. Seeking and investing in the expertise to reach goals and close gaps is how you stop wishing and start delivering on promises made to self.

For the next 52 weeks, I’ll be sharing the lessons and aha’s I’ve gleaned from my fifties.

Life is arbitrary. Celebrate early and often is about no longer waiting for a prescribed special timeline to acknowledge and celebrate small and big life blessings and wins. Everyday gives us an opportunity to be grateful..to celebrate. Do it! Now.


c.René Washington


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