Ep #26: Black Women in Love with Karen Beverly

I was watching a show recently about interesting real-life love stories. And while the show was enjoyable, there was no representation of black women and their experiences of modern dating. I complained about it for a while, but then I decided, because black women fall in love just like everybody else, I have a unique opportunity to showcase that reality right here on the podcast!

On the first edition of my Black Women in Love series I have the fabulous Karen Beverly. Karen is a dear friend of mine; she lives life on her terms, and I’ve been so lucky to have her in my life. Karen got divorced when she was young, then put her life on hold to adopt and raise a child. Then, when she reached midlife, she took it upon herself to open up to something she’d never considered before, and what happened was truly magical.


The René-isms: 20 Lessons for the 20’s – Part Two

Hello 2020!

As promised, here are the last ten Rene-isms (if you missed the first ten, click here). And if you’re ready to live your Best Life-isms, click here to see the work-with-me options. I’m only taking the Brave and the Bold who MUST get to their Better!

  1. Self-love is not selfish…it’s high octane fuel. Sitting on your dreams…THAT’s selfishness.
  2. Keep your Attention on your INtention.
  3. Money is simply an energy exchange. God has all the money.
  4. When I truly surrender, my life takes flight.
  5. What lights me up, illuminates my path. I follow love.
  6. A decision is a choice, not a life sentence. I can always change my mind.
  7. Everything good to do isn’t good for ME to do.
  8. Never be afraid to seek the mirror and look into the mirror. It’s ALL information. 
  9. I’m not privy to God’s plan, and that makes life and death arbitrary in my limited vision. Therefore, I choose to dream and live in the NOW. And if I’m not dead, it’s not too late. 
  10. Faith, Family, Friends…NOTHING is more important.

Bonus: Living in peace doesn’t negate speaking my piece.

P.S. Be sure to catch me on the free podcast, Midlife Woman Redefinedhere. This week’s episode features friend and Renaissance Woman, Karen Beverly as part of my new series, Black Women In Love!

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Ep #25: Living Well in 2020

We are officially in 2020, a new year and a new decade. Now, this is the time where most people have set resolutions for themselves to follow throughout the year, in the hopes of achieving their goals. However, this year, I will not be participating.

What I have chosen to do this year is to follow my nudges – that little push that you feel when you have the opportunity to take action that moves you towards where you want to go. That is how I will be living well in 2020.


The René-isms: 20 Lessons for the 20’s – Part One

Kissing this decade goodbye ❤️

During one of our sessions, a client held up pieces of cardboard with things I’d said to her written on them: ‘These are some René-isms I’ve written down to keep with me and remind me.’

Clients often repeat my words back to me. I coach intuitively…listening deeply to what they’re saying and not saying…because the truth is, the René-isms are actually client-isms. They are your truths reflected back to you through me. And that’s why I don’t remember ten seconds later what I said. I’m channeling you, not me.

Soooo beYOND excited about the new decade and I’ve been clearing out space for all of the Ah-mazingness that’s coming for me! Been purging what no longer serves me (from email to media to household stuff to people) and reflecting on what does, including some of my best lessons learned. I’m sharing some personal René-isms you may find helpful OR may inspire you to create your own. Here are the first ten of twenty:

  1. The NOs I receive mean I’m asking. The mistakes I make mean I’m attempting. The response? The consequence? That’s God’s business.  
  2. Fearlessness isn’t being devoid of fear; it’s fearing less enough to take that one move closer to what you want. Do it afraid.
  3. You cannot fix what you will not face. Create the life you want to celebrate, not the life you want to escape.
  4. It’s true: Life is what you make it. We have choice. I choose Magnificence!
  5. Give up that mortgage on that street called lack. Free your mind. Your life will follow.
  6. If your mind’s not right, your life jumps the track. Daily mindset vigilance is required.
  7. First right mind is ALWAYS best right mind. Don’t let a second guess prevent your first action.
  8. Love, Grace, & Mercy…I require it. I extend it. 
  9. Daily rest…Daily pleasure…are benchmarks of successful living, not bonuses.
  10. Deprivation is not a winning plan. Feed your body what it needs AND loves and Keep. It. Moving.

Happy New Year…Wonderful New Decade!! Come back next week for the rest of the twenty. ❤️

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Ep #24: Telling Yourself a Better Story

I believe that telling a better story about our life is incredibly important. Now, this doesn’t mean that we’re not honest about our circumstances. This is about questioning the long-held beliefs that are not making our lives any better.

Christmas is my favorite time of year, as a Christian woman. And luckily, Christmas serves as the perfect example of how we tell ourselves a better story that makes the world a more wonderful place. And you can apply this concept to any area of your life.


Love, Peace, Joy!


May this be a week of beautiful reflection, rest (reclaim your time, mavens!) and connection infused with lots of laughter and joy!

For those of us missing loved ones, may wonderful memories be a balm for our sadness.

I’m doing all of above, including being GRATEFUL for the Ah-mazing life change women experienced through the work we did in cReneCoach! New and juicy things are coming in 2020. Stay tuned!

This is a great time to catch up (or re-listen) on the Midlife Woman Redefined podcast to kick off 2020 on your best foot. Click here.

Hallelujah, Christ The Savior is born! And for my friends who celebrate Hanukkah, Chag urim sameach!

cReneCoach has left the building until January 5th.

#MidlifeMaven #LetThatShxtGo! #LiveWell

P.S. Be sure to catch me on the podcast, Midlife Woman Redefined, here. And if you’re ready to surrender to your deep fear-busting dive, click here to see your work-with-me options. I’m only taking the Brave and the Bold who MUST get to their Better!

Ep #23: What Are Your Expectations?

We are in the midst of talking about fears as we approach the end of the year. And as you plan for the next decade, it’s important to get a grip on your expectations so you can see your dreams start to materialize.

Are you expecting success, or do you feel entitled to be successful? Think very carefully, because there is a huge difference between entitlement and expectation. You are entitled to follow your dreams and live your best life, but you are not entitled for it to just come to you.



Surrender Dammit!

Some of the biggest revelations have come to me while lying on a hospital gurney:

  • not accepting help is dumb
  • ‘forever’ marriages can end
  • I won the best family lottery
  • the best friends become family
  • dehydration is dangerous 
  • and from the gurney I refused to see (my mom’s): who lives and dies is an arbitrary mystery only known to God 

Things we know, but don’t KNOW until it hits us personally. 

This past week, I was on a gurney again. My doc sent me to the ER because I had some concerning symptoms that, based on my history, necessitated ruling out a TIA (mini-stroke). Thankfully, it was not that. I was assessed as being “run down”. Since that came from a male doctor, it could have come across as patronizing, but nope! It was accurate.

Surrender: to yield, give up, abandon, relinquish…into the power of another

Part of the reason my coaching helps women experience Ah-mazing life change is because I too do the work. For the past few months, I’ve been coached by a phenomenal woman, Mary Houston. It’s deep work on changing how you run a business better by clearing out a lot of old money mindshxt. At the core though, it’s about surrendering. Truly releasing control to (for me) God, doing the work and letting God handle the outcome.

My ending up on that gurney again was my releasing that last bit of resistance to trusting myself through trusting God’s outcome. 

I’ve been ‘running down’ an imaginary clock…trying to get it all in before I miss that great client, or that fun thing, or before I die…early...even younger than my mom. And not pacing myself better simply fulfills the self-prophecy.

Just surrender dammit!

My 2020 focus is on coaching women through your F.E.A.R. (false evidence appearing real) to your surrender to the wonderful that’s waiting on you! And I’ve started with my own. True surrender is a whole ‘nother level of letting shxt go. Wooo Sa!

The key: 

Stay in your lane. Stay in your business. Give the rest to God.

Simple yet deeeeep. I’m on it. No more gurney revelations! 

P.S. Be sure to catch me on the podcast, Midlife Woman Redefined, here. And if you’re ready to surrender to your deep fear-busting dive, click here to see your work-with-me options. I’m only taking the Brave and the Bold who MUST get to their Better!

Ep #22: The Code to Your Freedom

Over the Thanksgiving holiday this year I got a few reminders about what’s really important in our lives. So many midlife women feel trapped in this stage of life, held down by a bunch of crap that is no longer serving them. But there is another way.

Ladies, as we move into a new decade, it is time to decide what the code to your freedom is. We all have testing circumstances, but it’s how you get yourself out of them that matters in the end.


Ep #21: How to Break Through False Fears

At this time in our lives, we can get stuck in a loop of telling ourselves all sorts of nonsense stories about why we can’t do something. Whatever it is, it usually comes down to our believing our false fears, and that, mavens, is holding you back.

So, what would you do if you weren’t afraid? Would you move house, take a vacation, say no more often to the things you feel obliged to do but don’t want to do? It’s time to start putting yourself first and I’m here to give you a little nudge in the right direction.