Midlife Manifest Fifties Wisdom Week 12: The Upside of Quitting

Hello Beautiful!

I’m on a year-long celebratory trek to 60 and sharing the fifties wisdom I’ve gained. This week marks the sixth anniversary of ditching my golden corporate handcuffs and manifesting an amazing life that at the time, I couldn’t fully envision. I only knew there was more for me to do and be and I had to push through fear of the unknown to claim it.

I have not one millisecond of regret.

It’s been a revelatory six years! Shedding the layers of years of conformity to a boxed way of living that became harder and harder to maintain wasn’t easy. It was necessary. Life-saving and life-affirming. I now walk in my purpose and passion of helping women live in theirs.

It’s true: where’s there’s a will and commitment, there’s a way.

My biggest lesson: Stop trying to figure out stuff alone. There’s no glory in unnecessary grind. Let THAT shxt go! Now, I honestly assess my gap and my ability to close it.  If my closing it isn’t my lane or costs me too much time, I hire the best person to help me close it. It saves stress and time and NOTHING is more valuable to me than my time except my faith.

To note my ‘reclaim my life’ anniversary, I’m re-sharing my first blog, The Upside of Quitting. Click here to read it.

We’re in the accumulation season. Enjoy! And prioritize. Who, What, and Where do you want to be this time next year? Is shopping or shifting your higher priority? Just a little post-Thanksgiving food for thought.

Get Your Life.

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Midlife Manifest Fifties Wisdom Week 11: Gas & Gratitude

Hello Beautiful!

Have you ever gotten lost…totally discombobulated in your own city? It happened to me recently on my way home from a funeral. WiFi service was spotty, my GPS was in and out, and my plan to re-track my route by memory soon went awry. A turn down the wrong side of a street, a shut down road, and a stalled train had me feeling like I was in a maze I’d never exit. Eventually, I figured it out and made it home, but the oddest part of that experience was my GPS taking me to a Chevron gas station in the midst of that krazy. I have no idea how Chevron was entered because I typed a restaurant name (Taste of Thailand) which couldn’t have auto-corrected to ‘Chevron’??

But since I’m huge believer in messaging, I wasn’t ignoring this one.

Fully stepping into your purpose is almost indescribably wonderful! And enlightening. Pouring 30+ years of knowledge, creativity, and experience into my signature sistermind has been a dream-come-true. I talk to so many midlife women who after years of being a high achiever…wearing the mask to earn the great retirement package or savings account, are clueless about passion. They don’t know who they are, let alone, what they want. I remember working hard as hell on things I didn’t care much about and let me tell you, working hard doing what represents your authentic self is soooo much betta! A few things I’ve learned:

  • There are all kinds of ways to be lost. I work with women who feel lost in who they are and who they want to be. I was one of those women until I learned the power in being fully connected to your inner GPS then following it and that’s why helping women learn the same is my fuel.
  • There’s honoring what fuels you and needing fuel to continue. I took my unexpected arrival at a Chevron as a validation for my path AND a reminder that even when you’re doing what you love, you need to refuel. I had been burning both ends the past few weeks.
  • When I was growing up, gas stations were places in the community that you could stop for directions. Whatever your big dream or passion, there’s a community out there to prevent stalls and detours. Invest in the help you need. It’s so worth the time (and headaches) you save.

This week we celebrate Thanksgiving in America. EVERYday, there are reasons to be GRATEFUL. I appreciate each and every one of you who follow me, take your precious time to read my blogs and posts, and invest in yourself through my services. Thank you!!

My biggest hope for you is that you take some self-reflection time before the end of the year to Let Your ShXT Go, decide what kind of life you want to be living, then do whatever it takes to…

Get. That. Life.


P.S. I saw on NBC Nightly News that the hottest gift trend is giving experiences not stuff. “Researchers find in the long run, these gifts make us happier than gifts you can wrap.” Yessss!! And the top gift to give is travel. Helloooo! How Right On Time Am I? The Midlife Manifest Sistermind  is the experience of a lifetime that changes your life for the rest of your life AND we’re celebrating your transformation in Portugal!! BEST. GIFT. EVVA. Treat Your Self! See details here and get yourself on my calendar to talk about FINALLY getting the life change you’ve been craving.

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Midlife Manifest Fifties Wisdom Week 10: Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves!

Hello Beautiful!

When was the last time you…

preserved your one last good nerve and said no to, “Will you _____?” and Yes to “I want to_____?”…

enjoyed a guilt-free night out without worrying who’s world would crash if they couldn’t get you?…

spent full days (not just once a year) focused on only one agenda: Yours…

got so caught up in doing something you feel passionate about that you lost track of time?…

stopped beating yourself up about ‘failed’ resolutions and instead simply assessed and course-corrected…

stepped out on faith into ‘the thing’ that won’t leave your spirit be?…

gifted yourself the bucket list experience that you’ll talk about for the rest of your life?…

felt good in your body because you finally learned what loving yourself to health looks like for you?

This is not pie in the sky. It’s the life that’s waiting on you.

“We don’t wait for the future to come to us. We give birth to the future.” ― Alain Dagba

I’m returning home from a weekend in the company of women who are intentional, committed, action takers who live life on their terms. It reminded me how my life changed exponentially for the better when I learned to become discerning, vulnerable and trusting in connecting to women who are about lifting themselves and bringing other women with them.

I made it through a successful but mentally, emotionally, and physically taxing corporate career because of my faith in God and my wisdom in connecting to fantabulous women. Women who have experienced every struggle, drama, and trauma you can think of, yet keep pressing on to live powerfully free and fabulous. Sisterhood time is my favorite oxygen mask (and why a retreat is included in the Midlife Manifest Sistermind).

If you’re not living in this lane and want to, there’s only one reason you’re not:

You’re interested but not committed. A lurker around what could be, not a participator. There’s no excuse you can give that I couldn’t give right back to you with a client’s (or my) similar experience who chose to use the obstacle as fuel to radically transform their life instead of remaining stagnant. Your sisters are waiting on you.

It’s a decision.


Time is running out to join the Midlife Manifest Sistermind! If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, THIS is your answer to finally living that life you’ve been craving. We start Tuesday, December 4th. Click here for details and to schedule time to talk with me about creating your transformation

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Midlife Manifest Fifties Wisdom Week 9: Hope Ain’t Change

Hello Beautiful!

Earlier this year, a client in my Let That ShXt Go! program, set a goal to run the New York Marathon. She wasn’t sure if she could get back in shape and stick to the prep. What she came to realize through doing the coaching work is that while it would be hard, the only reason it couldn’t happen would be because of the woman she saw in the mirror saying no to herself…to her dream. And where is she today? Running that marathon!! YASSSSS!!

Part of my story is celebrating turning fifty for eighteen months. Yes. I. Did. And in grand style! I’d set fifty as my ‘have it all together or it’s over’ marker. Wrong! It was the beginning of my coming into own, not the end. It’s been nine years of shedding shxt and learning to walk FULLY and FABULOUSLY in my Purpose and Passion.

“You got big dreams. You want fame. Well, fame costs. And right here’s where you start payin’!” (Lydia in Fame)

I love this line from the classic movie and not because I want fame, but because it speaks to being ALL in on your own behalf. And because…

  • helping women manifest their dreams is my dream come true…
  • I know you’ve been paying the cost and now it’s your time to reap…
  • Yes it’s work, but you’re not afraid of work, you’re afraid of change.

From the huge response, last week’s Let That ShXt Go, Reclaim Your Life and Thrive Challenge touched your last good nerve. Smart women are saying ENOUGH! to suppressing their shxt and are getting on my calendar to talk about joining The Midlife Sistermind to address it …once and for all. Six months of ‘reclaim your life and live it’ coaching PLUS your transformation celebration in Portugal! See details here

(the gorgeous floating umbrellas in Portugal)

What I hoped for my fifties turned out very differently than my expectation. Instead of a destination, it’s become this marvelous journey of growth and unforgettable experiences, and bringing other women along with me has been epic. Absolutely ‘worth the work’ change! So, whether it’s a marathon, a passion project, travel…starting whatever your new thing is, stop hoping for your change and get about living it!


Can’t wait to hear from you!



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And to my American followers, let’s manifest a country that leads with love and respect for differences: VOTE!

Manifesters! A Break From Our Usually Scheduled Programming

Hello Beautiful!

It’s almost time for the Let That ShXT Go, Reclaim Your Life and Thrive Challenge!

If you’re registered, YAYYYY! and you can stop reading now. 

If you’re not, Hmmmm. Maybe you’ve already manifested the life you want, maybe you’re busy, or maybe you don’t know what it’s all about, so I’m going to explain everything LIVE on my Facebook page tomorrow.

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The run up to THE LET THAT SHXT GO CHALLENGE has been fantastic! I’ve been getting tons of responses and I love the emails and messages that I’ve been receiving as well as the comments on my social pages.

Excitement is good, but PREPARATION is better.

We are kicking off  with a PRE-CHALLENGE Facebook LIVE that will take place on my Facebook Business Page and in the Midlife Manifest group. Please join me tomorrow, Saturday October 27 at 8am US Central/9am US Eastern to ensure that you are equipped, your mindset is right, and that you’re focused on what the Challenge 5 days will manifest in your life. Because if you show up on purpose, YOU WILL CHANGE and your life WILL TRANSFORM.


Even if you don’t feel ready right now, I will whip you into shape on tomorrow’s live call. We are going to make sure that you have everything that you need to start on Monday.

You will know exactly what we will cover during the 5 days and the exact steps to take to create the life you’re craving. NOW.

How cool is that!

We are going to witness breakthroughs in your manifesting mindset.

Breakthroughs in the way that you run your life.

Breakthroughs that will totally flip your ‘I’m stuck in being low on my priority list’ script.

Breakthroughs that will set you on the path to bringing passion projects to life and creating a legacy that represents the fullness of who you are.

So remember to click the link below to like my business page, then click on SEE FIRST so that you do not miss when I’m going to be live every day of the Challenge.

I’ll see you tomorrow at 7am US CST / 8am US EST for our bonus Facebook live right here,



Midlife Manifest Fifties Wisdom Week 8: The Collateral Benefit of Putting Self First

Hello Beautiful!

Wow! Well over 1000 women (and counting) have come on board for the Midlife Manifest revolution!! And almost to a woman, the number one reason for joining is because you’re ready to put yourself first after years of coming in at the bottom of your list. Right behind that is being so focused on other people, you’ve lost who YOU are and you feel selfish about wanting to change that.

PLEASE…Let That ShXt Go!

When you flow in the energy of freedom in purpose, calling, or mission…your manifesting dust will fall on others in ways that will surprise you. A few examples of my collateral benefit experience:

  • Found out a young woman I hired to do my makeup for a video recording session, had a daily a four hour round trip commute because she hadn’t found an apartment. Got her some good options from some young women her age.
  • Set my retreat workshop in a glassblowing art gallery and included a glassblowing class which just happened to be a dream come true experience for one of the attendees.
  • A group I joined to network, started a new program for early career leaders and a young woman I mentor was accepted in the inaugural class!

I have more examples, including what I’ve seen through my clients. Manifesting your dreams can expand your reach AND expand it in ways you truly find meaningful, not forced.

Next week hundreds of women are stepping up to the challenge…my free Let That ShXt Go, Reclaim Your Life and Thrive challenge! Five days of connecting to your soul’s desire and the path to getting it.

Are you in?? Yes! YAYYYY!!

No?? FIX THAT NOW by clicking here

You can keep dithering and complaining or you can stand up for your life!

Choose the life you envision.


I’m on a trek to 60, sharing what I’ve learned during my fifties. Subscribe here to follow me.

Want to become more familiar with who I am? Listen to my interview on The AfterLife podcast. Such a great experience! Click here

I was blindsided by menopause in my mid-forties and wish I’d known FAB sister coach, Kwavi Agbeyegbe. If you struggle with what should be an amazing life transition and want a holistic approach, Kwavi’s got you covered. Check out her Pause For Menopause masterclass, here. (I get nothing for sharing this.)




*Revised*Midlife Manifest Fifties Wisdom Week Seven: Get Comfortable With Discomfort

***Please disregard the previous blog with incorrect link.***

It’s my anniversary weekend! Five years married to Mr. Washington. ♥️ I was 49 when we connected and we had a six-year long distance relationship before we married. So, if love is on your ‘what you want to manifest’ list. Don’t give up!

And because I’m dialing it back this weekend, I’m resharing an oldie but goodie blog which just happens to fit nicely into my fifties wisdom theme. It also connects to my letting love win with Mr. Washington.

He was very different from the type of man I was accustomed to, plus he was a widower who’d been married to a woman I loved and greatly admired. LOTS of discomfort for me to overcome, but thank God I did or I’d have missed experiencing love-of-my-life passion!

What is ‘avoiding discomfort’ keeping you from manifesting?? Read more about that here.

Even having to resend this connects to my message. Sometimes we mess up. Nobody died. 😊

Happy Manifesting!


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Midlife Manifest Fifties Wisdom Week Six: Done is Better Than Perfect

Stop letting perfection stop action.

The fear of not getting it right, i.e., perfect, is probably the #1 issue that blocks my clients from manifesting the life they want. I’ve had three conversations with midlife manifesters in the past few days that connected directly to this. I too have to check myself on this blocker. Here’s how to pull yourself off that ledge:

  • Declutter…ditch physical clutter to ditch mental clutter. Clear a closet or even a drawer of what no longer serves you. Try it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much this helps your getting clarity.
  • Remind yourself of your imperfect wins (and they’re ALL imperfect). One of the blessings of midlife is that we have many years of experiences that we can look back on and see that most of what we worried ourself crazy or stuck over, never happened. Or if it did, it usually wasn’t as bad as we feared.
  • Stay (mostly) focused on YOUR BIG GET. Missteps will happen. Focus on the ‘step’, not the ‘mis’. Learn from it and keep stepping!
  • Embrace the journey instead of fearing it. I said ‘mostly’ above, because there is so much richness on the path. Richness that lights you up (joy). Richness that pains you (lesson). Richness that lands you on a completely different path and still lands you exactly where you’re meant to be.
  • Stop trying to do it alone. Stay in your lane AND build your highway. My BIG GET is coaching as many midlife women as possible to living their personal brand of freedom. My gift is coaching. The backend stuff to get my message out is not. (Soooo NOT!) When I started, I did everything…imperfectly and often felt upside like the pic above. Yes, I fell off track at times, but I got back on and kept it moving. Now, I’m building and expanding my highway by hiring professionals who do their lane well so I can stay in mine! NOTHING’s more valuable than my faith, my time, and my health. Paying to fill in my skill gaps supports ALL of that and is worth every penny!

My path has been crooked (Have mercy!), but, “I wouldn’t take nothing for my journey.” (Maya).

Who do you learn best from? Someone who’s life has been a crystal stair? Who’s path has always been straight and has only experienced everything working out right for them??

Or someone who’s risen above ‘way out no way’ circumstances, poor choices, left turns and has a testimony from tests??

Don’t let wanting to be perfect keep you stuck. Let wanting to be FREE move you forward!

Done IS better than perfect.



The Midlife Manifest revolution has begun! If you’re a ‘be about it’ woman who’s ready to stop wasting this best life chapter and get that life you’ve been craving, join us in my free facebook group, The Midlife Manifest by clicking here.

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Midlife Manifest Fifties Wisdom Week Five: Stop Hiding…Share Your ShXt

Hello Beautiful!

Getting straight to the point…Stop hiding. Share your shXt.

You may have been raised like I was, under the mandate: “What goes in this house, stays in this house.” I took that so seriously that I didn’t even share when I was on my cycle until I was well in my twenties!

But the cost of hiding and suppressing is steep. I found that out in my mid-forties when my body tried to stroke out and I spent five days in the hospital. Through coaching, therapy, and continual self-assessment, I learned to lay my burdens down in prayer, with professionals, trusted friends, and even social media.

As Brené Brown eloquently asserts, the right to your vulnerability must be earned. It’s a tremendous honor and sacred gift to hold safe space and confidentiality with the many women I work with and what I know for sure is this:

You are NOT the only one.

Love drama. Children heartache. Money mistakes. Career craziness. Fired. Addicted. Dumb choices. Low living…you don’t have a monopoly on any of it.

And the suppression can be so deep that you hide yourself from yourself. That’s what happened to me. I thought I was carrying it well, holding it down like I needed to and always had…until I went splat.

Let That ShXT Go!

Because it’s weighing you down more than you know. It’s blocking you from fully flowing in the essence of who you were put here to be.

Let it go.

Stop hiding. Start living. LIVING. Not only existing.

I see the amazingness that happens when clients shed their crap. They show up for themselves in ways that are surprising even to them. They start businesses, take political action, build legacy, start foundations, get healthy, find lasting love…

This is why I started my coaching business and why I’m leading a midlife manifesting revolution. We have all the time we need and no time to waste. If you’re ready, let’s talk. The Midlife Manifest Sistermind is starting soon. Let’s talk. Schedule a discovery session through this link, ConnectWithRene.com.

If you want to join my Midlife Manifest Revolution right now and connect with a FAB group of women who are moving and manifesting, join my free facebook group, The Midlife Manifest. Click here.

To learn more about the shXt I’ve shed, listen to this short interview I did on April Mahoney’s On The Edge radio show, listen.








Midlife Manifest Fifties Wisdom Week Three: When Do It Yourself Is A Don’t

Hello Beautiful!

One of my favorite things about midlife is that I’ve learned to trust myself. I stay informed, stay in prayer and intuitively decide the path I need to take. So when I decided to try a new adventure (hiking) and wanted to purchase appropriate shoes, I nixed my usual move: Amazon delivery and went to an actual store.

Excellent  decision!

My mom was the queen of self-sufficiency, but she also taught me to keep a list of go-to experts. So while I could have done my usual ‘highest star rating for the lowest cost’ google check, I decided I wanted the best foundation to keep myself from falling. What I experienced at Alabama Outdoors:

1. Hands-on Expertise was worth every penny those $200 shoes cost me. Brittany took me through THREE DIFFERENT FIT TESTS to ensure I was getting the best shoe for my needs.

2. Getting exactly what you want is worth the time it takes to get it. Brittany spent a solid hour with me. She assessed who I am, where I was going, and what I wanted. She took me through all of my options and didn’t let me settle for less than I needed to have a great hiking experience.

3. I slipped twice on that hike and my shoes kept me from falling.

As it says in Ecclesiastes, there’s a time and season for everything. Amazon couldn’t do for me what the Alabama Outdoors staff did. I left singing  their praises and also experiencing a sense of familiarity because I provide that level of service to my clients…walking them through my signature Get Your Life transformation process.

If you’ve been craving life-lasting change and don’t have it, how committed are you to getting it? If you’re complaining about the same thing today that you were a year ago, how serious are you about changing it?

Midlifers committed to their change take the necessary action to get it.

Mid-thrivers who are serious about their change step up to the challenge and invest in themselves to get it. They ditch do-it-yourself and get expert help.

These are the women I love working with…watching them Let That (maybe someday/it’s too late/I’m not worth it) ShXt Go! and forge their new paths to personal freedom.

Let’s step to it, Women!



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