The Love Post

Hello Beautiful!

LOVE is one of my favorite words. I don’t think you can have too much good LOVE in your life! I know there’s the belief that inanimate objects can’t be loved, but my take on that is the inanimate is loved because it connects to the animate, through memory and experience. One of my current inanimate loves: Gelarto Salted Caramel Gelato (it’s creamy goodness makes me happy and since it’s straight from Turin, Italy, it reminds me of my wonderful trip to Italy with Mr. Washington…My Person).

I’m grateful that I can CHOOSE the people I spend most of my time with and that the choosing is based in LOVE. Recently, I heard yet another story about a woman who has no girlfriends. Connecting romantically with someone can be complex (thankfully, not impossible), but I believe every woman needs at least one great girlfriend…and a few more are even better.  For me, life would truly be miserable without mine!

This is the month we place extra emphasis on the LOVE thang. I hope you have the best LOVE relationships in ALL categories and if you don’t, I hope you make the choices and decisions that will get you there. Start with Self-Love. It expands your capacity for giving and receiving LOVE. Promise!

Enjoy the LOVE Month. Appreciate the LOVE you have. Open yourself to receive more. LOVE up on yourself throughout the year. And know that I do LOVE and appreciate YOU!

If a certain someone in your life would LOVE doing something special for you, I have the perfect thing: The Design The Life You Love Retreat gift certificate. And I do highly recommend self-gifting! LOL

P.S. Here’s a list of my (mostly) inanimate love jams,

P.P.S. Did you see the Feb. 1st airing of Grey’s Anatomy? It’s a great stand-alone episode about the character Miranda Baily going through various iterations of LOVE (self-care, family, friendship, romantic) and showing the importance of taking a stand for one’s self…particularly with people who are conditioned to NOT listen you. Worth watching!