What She Said…

One of my Front Row Friends (Vivian) is mom to three beautiful, walk-it-like-they-were-raised daughters… one (Jordan), is dealing with breast cancer with an ‘I choose to rise above it’ approach that the word ‘inspiring’ doesn’t fully capture.

This radiant ‘in the midst of it all’ pic is Jordan with her daughter Sydney aka Sugar Baby.

Jordan is a 31 yr. old woman, child of God, wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend and attorney. She’s been through chemo, surgery, and hair loss and graciously gave me permission to share an excerpt from her latest update. Let her words sink in deeply.

Jordan said, “…Exercise: Still crushing it at the gym 💪🏾. Some of the ladies call me “Arms” because my muscles are coming in quite nicely. 😂😂😂.

What I’ve Learned: It’s ok to be a little selfish. Being selfish doesn’t make you any less supportive, giving or caring. It doesn’t make you any less of a wife/husband/partner, mother/father, sister/brother or friend. In fact, I think it makes you better, because you have taken time to pour back into yourself in some way. What I’m most selfish with right now is my gym time. I don’t miss training in the gym unless I absolutely have to (deadline at work or Syd) and I’m unapologetic about it. I feel energized, it makes me happy, and I love how my body is starting to look.

Before my life was jolted out of whack, I was so focused on being dutiful, doing things because they are expected, without regard for myself. While I always love to exceed people’s expectations of me, some of those things I was doing at the expense of myself. I’m working on finding the appropriate balance, and it’s been nice. I feel like a much better person each day, because I take time to pour back into myself.

So, be a little selfish. Unapologetically so. It’s good for you and everyone you love, because you’ll be left with more to give them if you feel full.”

If this resonates, Pay Attention. Make it your Call To Action.

What are you resisting being “a little selfish” about?

Let that s%#t go!

Choose the thing, then…

Do it!

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