Know Your Numbers

I’ve been working with a bookkeeper (the Fab, Ariane Trélaün, and this week she gave me the full report on my business numbers. I was head in sand about this last year(having TOO much fun!) and wanted to reel myself for focus on more $$ coming in than going out.

Best thing I’ve done for my business! And it made me think about how valuable knowing your numbers is not only in a business, but in life.

I told someone recently that growing this business is the hardest work I’ve ever done, but I realized that wasn’t true. The hardest work I’ve ever done was continuing to work in a job past my expiration date. And I say MY expiration date, because it finally clicked that the job wasn’t the problem. It was time for ME to move on.

It took me 4 years to figure that out.

It me 2 years more to leave the job.

90 + Sundays dreading Mondays.

$100’s of stress dollars spent on food and shopping sprees.

6 months after my mom’s death to connect the arbitrariness of death to the arbitrariness of life.

3 visits to my financial planner for the o.k. to quit.

5 people I told how I REALLY felt before I left(JUST KIDDING!).

1693 days since I DECIDED to trust the signs and leap into what’s been the adventure of my lifetime!

What are your numbers on ANYTHING you’re tolerating that’s causing you suffering?

A job? Class starts 8/8. Email me to set up a call to answer your questions about this Not-To-Be-Missed opportunity to move from soul-sucking to life-enhancing work!

A major life transition?

Your body?

Are you looking at your bigger picture?

This coach has got you covered. Because I know from suffering and I can guide you in how to

Release Yourself from what’s binding you.

P.S. Thanks to ALL who completed the retreat survey! I had a great response and don’t take for granted your taking the time to do it. Retreat planning is happening!